Monday, 25 July 2011

July 16-22

July 16
Went to Stephanie's grad/birthday party. Jumped on their trampoline, jammed out a bit and played a scary online game.

July 19
Jennie and Jenna came over to watch (500) days of summer. Still can't believe they never heard of that movie before.
Also that night, I was at home with Ate Angela and Jayare... I was seeing stuff from Ate's window that freaked me out. Especially since Jennie said she saw the same thing earlier that day. Felt like a scary movie lol I swear I was gonna shit my pants, but it turned out it was just stuffed animals peeking through Ate's blinds.

July 20
Went to mills by myself to find a bathing suit for myself but I couldn't find anything. So I just bought some stuff at H&M and Forever21. I used all my money from my checking. T^T I'm so broke... I won't have enough money for Fan Expo. But I still want those rings from Forever21. The deer and the koi fish rings...

July 22
I'm still sad I couldn't go to break dancing this Friday so instead I got together with Jennie, Jazmine and Jenna. We had pho and walked to Jazmine's place in the rain. It was fun getting wet.... LOOL (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID) Naw but seriously, it was nice. Played some cod and got back to Runescape. Graphics got better, not gonna lie.

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