Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back to the place twelve years ago

So we visited our old house in Toronto today since we were in the area. At first we just wanted to say hi to our old neighbour to see how she was doing. Turns out she’s 88 and still strong living by herself. She somewhat reminds me of my grandma. :’) My sisters and I were curious how our house looked like inside so we rang the doorbell. They let us in and the father gave us a tour of the house. They were so kind and took care of the house well. They changed it up a bit but as we walked inside, it recalled those small memories I had there since I was only three when we moved. To be honest it made me kinda watery eyed and made me wish I had still lived there. The neighbourhood was just so much more friendlier than it is here and it was so easy to get around. It was just so weird being there again, because it seemed so different from when I was three and it felt as if we never left

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