Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nightly thoughts

Since I can't sleep I thought I would share some of my thoughts that are preventing me from sleeping. So i've been thinking of how my life would be if I weren't so passive, or shy. If only I could act muster up the courage to get to get to talk to some people I didn't really get to talk to before. I mean, how will I ever know what kind or relationships I missed out on because of my... inability to maintain a good... conversation? aksjjddhe I dunno what I'm saying, I should just sleep. Anyway, tomororrow's the first day of second semester, you can say i'm kinda excited for it. Hopefully it will be a great as I expect it to be. I've also been thinking about breaking, in particular bgirls. I watched this airchair tutorial by a bgirl and she did a really nice airchair. But she said that airchairs are more easier for girls because they're more "flexible" than guys. That may be true, but i'm as stiff as a tree. lol I feel like bgirls can never measure up to bboys. One day I hope it will, but I feel underestimated sometimes. Just because i'm a "bgirl" people tend to cheer on more in ciphers. I don't mind it but I guess it's cause there aren't many bgirls in the breaking community. Okay wow I should sleep now. Goodnight.

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