Friday, 13 April 2012


Yesterday was Joan Unplugged and I feel so privileged to be able to perform with such talented people. I messed up a lot but it was fun anyways, i'm so glad that Olivia was able to help me out. (':

I also quit ultimate, i'm kinda sad but kinda relieved from everything else going on. Everyone was making me feel so bad today. ): I still owe the coach $25 for the shirt and the frisbee, which is cool cause I still want a frisbee to play for fun with aha

Today was the band competition and damn. We totally got raped by St.Robs, they were too good. We kinda expected this from the moment they walked through the door. Well at least we didn't go after them, that would've made us look worse. They had 72 people in their band and we had 25 lol it's cool though cause we performed well and got gold.

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