Sunday, 27 May 2012


Haven't went in three years so I finally had money to go again!
Day 1: waited in line with Julia and her cousin for 2 hours while taking pics of cosplays. Walked around, bought stuff in the artist alley, walked around the dealer's room and bought stuff at nominochi. Basically when I bought mostly everything aha. Oh and Julia and her cousin's cosplays were awesome, they managed to get 16 pictures, 3 hugs and 3 high fives that day.
Day 2: Took more pics, bought stuff in the dealer's room, went to some anime chess, met the voice actor of Jude from 6teen, watched Princess Jellyfish (love that anime), split up with Julia and her brother and met up with Aimi, Sam and his friend Oscar. We were all really tired and just sat and walked around. Then we got hungry and ate sushi which we all regret our orders lol Then Aimi, knowing practically everyone at the con kept leaving us, we were the default friends she would go to LOL While we were sitting around, people were giving out high fives for a good 5 hours. Forgot we had to get wristbands for the masquerade so instead Sam an I went to this thing called lame anime which was pretty funny haha. Met up with Julia and her brother in the end and... yeah. That was my weekend at AN. (:
Couldn't go today cause I told my mom I wouldn't, whatever, I didn't have money after yesterday anyways.

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