Sunday, 16 December 2012


Late upload, but here are the pics from the anime convention last week!
We's cute.
 Random kawaii girl and NO FACEEE
Cute Ash and PB and Marceline. Marceline is perf.
 Making dem kawaii trees.
 anfbfekraj Kirito-kun!!! Probably the only SAO cosplay there.
Julia drawing... ? We didn't know most of the animes aha.
Omg Sally is perf too. Awesome Kakashi but I don't really like him or Naruto very much -__-
 A female Dave photoshoot! Julia this is for you :D These are all the non-blurry pics. I would post my pics too but they're all blurry /:
 Julia's cousin Fausto as Jack Frost.
Christmas themed Kairi! Love her keyblade.
And some guy sleeping under one of the tables in the dealer's room lol

What made this day worth it was the fruit drop candy I bought based on Grave of the Fireflies. Omg I cry every time I eat it LOL probably the longest lasting candy i've bought. It's too precious to eat T__T


  1. omfg i feel like the centre of attention of this post :0 Nice pics though!! I should get around to posting some of my own..

    1. lol! it's cool, well all the pics of me were blurry so... xD