Saturday, 15 December 2012

What is a crew?

Yesterday at the last yorkdale practice I couldn't really do much cause I strained my leg and hurt my thumb. So I talked with Adrian and he kept asking me what's going on with uniteam. I could only reply with things like the grant, the workshops and the jam we'll be hosting sometime in January. But then he asks me about our goals, repping our crew name in battles and if uniteam is really a crew to me. Being that this is my first and only crew at the moment, I didn't really know what to say, everything is still pretty new to me. But it made me realize that for the most part, majority of the people in uniteam would have my back. I also realized that for the time that i've been with them, we've really only been a group of friends practicing together. I guess I really just want to battle more with the crew to represent our name because then everything as a crew would be kinda pointless. Nonetheless I still and will love everyone in uniteam. Talking with Adrian also made be realize I suck at bboy history and I need to start researching and watching some footage. Anyways I should really get started on my essay. Geez I should not be blogging right now.

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